Scouting Awards

Senator Menendez is happy to send letters of recognition to young men and women set to receive scouting awards for demonstrating great leadership skills and a devotion to serving their communities.

If you are intersted in an official letter:

  • Please click the button below, fill out the form and print it.
  • Next, mail or fax your form, along with your invitation, to our Newark office.

U.S. Senator BobMenendez
Attn: Scouting Department
1 Gateway Center, 11th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

973.645.0502 (fax)

  • Please note:
    • If you are filling out the form for more than 14 people, please attach an excel sheet to your application. 
    • If your form is sent to a different Menendez office, there will be a delay in processing.