A good transportation system helps communities; it leads to good-paying jobs, thriving local businesses, faster and safer travel, and less time commuters have to spend in traffic and more time they can spend with loved ones.

Bob’s Focus

  • Investing in a 21st century transportation infrastructure
  • Expanding transit options so people can get to good jobs and spend more time with families
  • Keeping transit fares affordable for commuters
  • Enhancing rail safety and protecting communities from toxic chemicals

Bob’s Accomplishments

Bringing our fair share of transportation funding to New Jersey

Bob helped author legislation to bring record transit funding to New Jersey, fighting for key provisions in the highway and public transportation bill. It provided nearly $1 billion per year in highway funding and over $500 million per year in transit funding for NJ, and created nearly 3 million jobs nationwide.

Protecting New Jerseyans from rail disasters

Bob introduced the Toxics by Rail Accountability and Community Knowledge (TRACK) Act to improve hazmat-by-rail safety by implementing a series of recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board in its thorough independent investigation into the cause of the 2012 Conrail freight train derailment and toxic chemical spill in Paulsboro, N.J. Bob’s legislation would create new safety standards and penalize railroads that violate them; provide more tools and information for our first responders, and enhance public education along rail routes.

Preventing extreme transit fare hikes

Bob successfully helped persuade the Port Authority to reduce an announced 2007 fare hike and reduce another announced fare hike in 2011 on PATH trains.

Protecting consumers from hidden airline fees

Bob introduced the Real Transparency in Airfares Act to boost consumer protections for air travelers by increasing penalties on airline and travel websites that fail to post the total costs upfront, and try to surprise customers with additional charges at check-out.

Starting the Gateway Project

Bob worked with Amtrak on the Gateway Project to construct two new, flood-resistant tunnels under the Hudson; rebuild the existing tunnels; and replace the outdated Portal Bridge. When Governor Christie rejected $3 billion in federal funding for a tunnel project connecting New Jersey and New York, Bob went back to the drawing board and began working to improve New Jersey’s aging infrastructure. To support this critical project, Bob has secured $38.5 million in funding to begin design and engineering work on the design and engineering work on the Gateway Project, along with $185 million to preserve land for the project at Hudson Yards.

Advocating for smart growth

Bob sponsored the Livable Communities Act to help towns and regions plan and implement development projects that integrate their community's needs for transportation, housing, land use and economic development.

Improving roadway safety

Bob led the Senate effort calling on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to create stronger safety standards that hold states accountable for reducing traffic injuries and fatalities, including an emphasis on the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. Bob has also sponsored legislation to limit oversized commercial trucks, which will protect travelers from safety risks and prevent damage to our infrastructure.

Improving our ports to make our region more competitive

Bob helped secure nearly $15 million for New Jersey’s port infrastructure, creating good-paying jobs and strengthening New Jersey’s position as a global transportation hub. In order to compete in the 21st century economy, we have to ensure that businesses can bring their goods to market efficiently.