Sandy Recovery

Superstorm Sandy was an extraordinary disaster, but what makes me extraordinarily proud is that New Jerseyans rose to the challenge as they always do. There is still much work left to do. We’ve learned that recovery from a disaster is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. I continue to fight until every New Jerseyan gets back into their home and when we are finished we will be stronger than the storm.

Bob’s Focus

  • Fighting for federal recovery funding New Jersey needs to repair and rebuild
  • Working to streamline state recovery programs to get families back into their homes
  • Ensuring funds are provided to increase resiliency and protect New Jersey from future storms
  • Protecting homeowners from huge spikes in flood insurance rates and from an unfair flood insurance claims process.

Bob’s Accomplishments

Fighting to fund our recovery

Bob secured $60.4 billion in federal funding for the Sandy-affected region, after a long debate over whether or not the nation and Congress were prepared to provide disaster relief to the people of New Jersey and others who suffered devastating losses. Bob is proud this money has cleaned up our communities; rebuilt roads, bridges, and boardwalks; repaired businesses; and put families back in their homes.

Streamlining state efforts

Bob investigated delays in state-run housing recovery programs and successfully recommended ways for the state to streamline the grant approval process to allow displaced families to return to their homes as quickly as possible. While Bob is proud of how far we’ve come, he’s also seen firsthand where the recovery is far from complete.

Keeping flood insurance premiums affordable

Bob authored, advocated for and secured passage of his Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA), which became law in March 2014. HFIAA helps thousands of New Jerseyans by addressing problems with the National Flood Insurance Program, while not impacting its solvency.

Fighting against an unfair flood insurance claims process

Bob successfully helped fix the unfair flood insurance claims process that had been tilted against New Jersey homeowners.

Building a resilient New Jersey

Bob fought to secure funding for resiliency projects that will protect New Jersey’s transit systems and coastal communities from future storm damage.