Public Safety & National Security

I think we can all agree the safety of our communities must be a top priority. We must continue making federal investments to support those who keep us safe.

Bob’s Focus

  • Protecting New Jerseyans from foreign and domestic safety threats
  • Passing common-sense gun safety measures to protect our children and communities
  • Providing our first responders with the tools they need to keep neighborhoods safe
  • Strengthening security and safety measures at our ports, chemical plants and within our mass transit systems

Bob’s Accomplishments

Keeping high-risk areas safe

Bob successfully championed provisions to distribute local federal funding for homeland security based on risk to be sure high-risk states like New Jersey get their fair share of funding.

Fighting for gun safety

parkland gun violence

Bob co-introduced common-sense gun safety legislation to deny firearms to foreign felons and terrorists, outlaw high capacity ammunition clips, ban dangerous assault weapons, and close the “gun show loophole” to require background checks for all gun buyers.




Assault weapons ban

Bob voted for the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 and co-introduced a bill to restore it in 2017. 
These deadly weapons are modeled after the assault rifles used by our soldiers on the battlefield, and Bob continues to believe they have no place on our streets.  

Universal background checks

No ammo gun controlBob co-introduced the Background Check Expansion Act to require universal background checks for all gun sales. Today, someone with a violent history can buy a gun on the Internet or at a gun show without a background check. 





Closing loopholes

Today, the FBI has just 72 hours to complete a background check or else the gun is sold anyway. This loophole let the shooter who killed nine churchgoers in Charleston buy a gun despite an ongoing criminal investigation. That's why Bob cosponsored a bill to close this loophole and help stop guns from falling into the wrong hands.

Protecting Southern New Jersey

Bob led the Congressional effort to include New Jersey communities close to Philadelphia as part of the region that’s eligible to receive homeland security funding for the nation's most at-risk metropolitan areas.

Promoting 9/11 Commission reforms

Bob championed and co-sponsored legislation to enact the 9/11 Commission recommendations into law in both the House of Representatives and Senate.

Strengthening the effectiveness of first responders

Menendez Supports Jobs for Teachers, First Responders

Bob led the fight to increase federal funding to hire more police officers through the Community Oriented Policing Services Hiring (COPS) Program. Bob is also a steadfast supporter of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program to meet firefighting and emergency response needs.


Combating gangs

Bob authored the Fighting Gangs and Empowering Youth Act which would help cut off the spread of gangs and reduce gang-related crime by giving young people constructive alternatives to joining gangs, providing community planning resources to help communities fight local gangs, and increasing penalties to crack down on those who commit violent crimes.

Assisting in locating missing persons

Bob authored legislation to invest in an effective program to assist in locating missing persons. The legislation would direct resources to "A Child Is Missing," a non-profit which generates 1,000 phone calls every minute to homes and individuals in the immediate area where a missing person was last seen.

Keeping potentially dangerous items off planes

Bob raised concerns and helped defeat the Transportation Security Administration’s plan to relax carry-on restrictions that would have allowed retractable knives less than 2.36 inches on planes.