Without the strength, sweat, and skills of American workers, this great nation would have no foundation upon which to build another American century. I fight to protect workers’ rights and to promote policies that strengthen and grow our middle class.

Bob’s Focus

  • Ensuring fair treatment, basic rights, and workplace safety for all workers
  • Advocating for a living wage for all workers so they can support their families and have the dignity they deserve
  • Building an American workforce poised to succeed in the 21st Century global economy
  • Fighting against unfair trade deals that hurt New Jersey workers

Bob’s Accomplishments

Giving Americans the tools for success

Bob supported the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to improve our nation’s workforce development, putting Americans back to work, and giving workers the opportunity to advance their careers. In recent years, these programs have helped 20 million people annually find good jobs and a pathway to the middle class.

Promoting equal pay for equal work

Bob cosponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps end pay discrimination. The law closed a loophole that made it easier for unscrupulous employers to get away with discriminating based on a worker’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Fighting discrimination in the workforce

Bob championed legislation that provides federal protections against discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Exposing CEO-to-worker wage gap

Bob fought to require big companies to reveal how much more they pay their CEOs than their average workers.

Giving workers livable wages

Bob supported Senate efforts to give working families the ability to earn a livable wage and escape poverty.

Standing up for the unemployed

Bob fought for the Senate-passed extension of federal unemployment benefits to give a helping hand to hard working Americans still struggling to find work.

Fighting against unfair trade deals

Bob has been fighting to save American jobs and level the playing field with foreign competitors by opposing trade deals that hurt New Jerseyans.

Rebuilding vital infrastructure

Bob secured funding to rebuild, improve, and protect our transportation infrastructure that is critical to regional commerce.

Supporting fair labor practices

Bob has been an advocate for strong leadership at the Department of Labor’s National Labor Relations Board, to ensure workers’ rights are protected in the workforce.