Foreign Relations

I'm a strong believer that the United States is a beacon of light on freedom and democracy in the world. Today, the United States faces a range of critical challenges – from Ebola in West Africa, to Russian aggression in Ukraine, to the challenge of countering ISIL, to Iran’s continued quest for a nuclear weapons program. These issues require calculated responses, international cooperation, and leadership to protect the people of the United States, and all people seeking a life of freedom and prosperity.

Bob’s Focus

  • Building democracies and promoting freedom around the world, and using our core moral values to lead
  • Ending human rights abuses globally
  • Keeping Americans safe at home and abroad
  • Using economic statecraft to realize the nexus between economic issues and foreign policy to allow America to add jobs and prosper in our intertwined global economy

Bob’s Accomplishments

Responding to global crises

Bob has reacted swiftly and thoughtfully to major global crises throughout his career. As former Chairman  and current member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob responded boldly to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Helping build democracies with an innovative economic statecraft strategy

Bob has been promoting an economic statecraft agenda to add jobs at home and strengthen our ever-evolving relationships around the world, including in the Western Hemisphere.

Advocating for human rights

Bob has made ending human rights abuses a top priority. He has introduced the International Violence Against Women Act and is committed to ending continued human rights abuses by governments around the world.

Providing humanitarian support

Bob has sponsored bills and written resolutions to assist those who are suffering around the world. Whether responding to an Ebola outbreak in Africa, a humanitarian crisis stemming from violence in Central America or a natural disaster in Southeast Asia, Bob is committed to providing humanitarian support when needed.

Keeping American embassies safe

Bob authored and introduced the bipartisan Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty Embassy Security, Threat Mitigation, and Personnel Protection Act.

Preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons

Bob wrote and sponsored multiple bills imposing sanctions on Iran that have passed the Senate to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capabilities. He is an outspoken leader on nuclear non-proliferation and works to keep the U.S. safe from rising threats.

Encouraging U.S. passage of vital international treaties

Bob has been working closely with Congressional colleagues to advance a treaty agenda that projects U.S. values and leadership in the 21st century. He led the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in passing the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Treaty, as well as four international fisheries treaties. He also advocated for passage of tax treaties and the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.