Energy & Environment

We need to focus on clean, responsible energy development projects that bring good-paying jobs to our state and help us modernize New Jersey’s economy. Let’s continue looking into innovative energy options – like clean wind and solar projects – that can one day become the next energy giant and reinvigorate our workforce in the 21st century global economy.

Bob’s Focus

  • Demanding action on climate change
  • Making New Jersey a national leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Promoting policies that sustain energy savings and less oil consumption
  • Supporting public transportation options and smart growth planning
  • Working to power our vehicles with renewable energy sources
  • Helping keep our land, water and air clean

Bob’s Accomplishments

Investing in solar power

Bob helped lead the fight to extend solar tax credits until 2016, which helps the vibrant solar energy industry in New Jersey.

Ending Big Oil subsidies

Bob is leading the fight to end wasteful oil subsidies. He reintroduced the Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes Act in 2013, which would cut over $22 billion in tax subsidies enjoyed by some of the most profitable corporations in the world.

Supporting offshore wind power

Bob co-sponsored legislation to provide long-term incentives needed to jumpstart the offshore wind industry and create thousands of jobs.

Protecting NJ from offshore drilling

Bob defeated plans to drill for oil less than 100 miles from Cape May, and continues to urge President Obama to keep the Atlantic Coast off limits for oil and gas exploration, stressing the environmental and economic consequences.

Making polluters pay

Bob introduced the Superfund Polluters Pay Restoration Act, to ensure that polluting industries pay their fair share to clean up environmental damage they cause and protect New Jersey communities.

Keeping American oil in America

Bob leads the effort to keep American Oil in America so New Jersey families don’t continue to pay high prices at the pump while America exports gas to other countries.

Powering a clean-energy future

Bob led the effort in the Senate calling for tough new standards limiting carbon pollution from dirty power plants, and is proud to support the EPA’s work to make this plan a reality.

Preserving our natural heritage

Bob enacted legislation designating the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park as the 397th U.S. national park. Bob shepherded the bill through Congress, overcoming skepticism about the establishment of an urban park. Additionally, he worked to successfully designate New Jersey’s historic Hinchliffe Stadium as part of Paterson’s Great Falls National Historical Park.

Supporting public transportation

Bob authored and helped pass a bipartisan transportation bill that included record investment in New Jersey’s public transportation network and creates good jobs.

Fighting for lower fuel costs

Bob supports federal investments for important transportation initiatives that will help build a more reliable, efficient transit system and lower our reliance on oil.

Supporting fuel economy standards

Bob supported increased CAFE Standards and is a strong supporter of President Obama’s fuel economy standards, which will result in fuel savings of $1.7 trillion by 2025 over the lifetime of a vehicle.

Incentivizing oil alternatives

Bob authored the NAT GAS Act to provide incentives for purchases of natural gas vehicles. Natural gas is an inexpensive alternative to petroleum fuels and can also help improve urban air quality. Bob also strongly supports providing research and incentives for electric vehicles.

Protecting taxpayers from big oil companies

Bob introduced legislation to encourage oil companies to drill on leased lands rather than holding the taxpayers’ land hostage to pad their own oil reserve numbers.