As someone who attended public schools and relied on Pell Grants and federal loans to be the first in my family to graduate from college, I have a first-hand appreciation of the importance of public education. We need to make educational opportunity a national priority. Let’s teach our children not only how to read and write, but how to think and build a skill-set that will prepare them to thrive in the 21st century economy.

Bob’s Focus

  • Making college affordable for all students
  • Expanding early childhood education
  • Ensuring schools, teachers, and parents have the support they need to provide students with a high-quality education
  • Providing students with skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century workplace

Bob’s Accomplishments

Making college affordable for all

Bob voted for students and against increasing student loan interest rates. He also supported a plan to allow those with student loans to refinance at historically low rates – putting hundreds of dollars a year back into the pockets of hardworking students. As the first in his family to go to college -- thanks, in large part, to Pell Grants – he has worked every year to keep the maximum award for Pell Grants.

Expanding early education

Bob continues to support essential programs like Head Start and Early Head Start that provide quality early learning services for the most vulnerable students, closing the achievement gap and putting our children on the right path to success.

Fighting against education cuts

Bob voted against the Budget Control Act, which has harmed millions of children and their families by cutting funding to critical education programs. Bob has called for the restoration of funding to vital education programs.

Supporting opportunities for at-risk students

Bob continues to support programs like YouthBuild that provide disconnected youth with a second chance to complete secondary education and secure career credentials necessary to succeed in today’s workforce.

Standing up for teachers

Bob supported the Education Jobs Fund and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which together have kept thousands of New Jersey teachers in the classrooms and off unemployment when the recession threatened local funding for education. Bob continues to support grants that provide educators with the resources they need to turn around struggling schools.

Keeping student athletes safe

Bob authored the Concussion Treatment and Care Tools (ConTACT) Act, which helps provide schools with the resources needed to ensure they have enough athletic trainers, medical staff and training to diagnose and treat concussions. He also succeeded in getting the CDC to convene a panel of concussion and education experts to develop best practices for concussion diagnosis and treatment.

Promoting skills training for high paying jobs

Bob introduced legislation to spur job-training partnerships between local colleges and businesses. His plan provides tax credits for businesses that train long-term unemployed workers, making it easier for businesses to find skilled workers and help individuals who are trying to get back into the workforce.