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The top issue on the minds of most Americans and New Jerseyans is the economy and jobs – plain and simply. And despite the strides we’ve made in the job market and the housing sector, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow as the middle class gets squeezed tighter and tighter. That’s why I’m fighting for pro-growth economic policies that increase wages, empower the middle class and foster social mobility. From training programs that prepare workers for jobs in demand, to tax policies that penalize outsourcing and encourage companies to hire Americans, I believe what’s good for the middle class is good for New Jersey and the nation.

Bob’s Focus

  • Boosting job creation and wages in New Jersey
  • Fostering partnerships between community colleges and businesses to close the skills gap and help New Jerseyans train for jobs in demand
  • Fighting for tax relief for New Jersey families and small businesses
  • Rebuilding and modernizing critical infrastructure
  • Reforming Wall Street and making our financial system safer
  • Helping homeowners still struggling from the financial crisis and Superstorm Sandy responsibly avoid foreclosure and rebuild their finances, to benefit families, businesses, communities, and the economy.

Bob’s Accomplishments

Training workers for 21st century jobs

Bob introduced legislation to better connect local businesses with local colleges to help businesses find the skilled employees they need to compete and create jobs.

Increasing pay for American workers

Bob has consistently supported tax relief for middle class families so they can keep more of their hard earned money. He fought to require big companies to reveal how much more they pay their CEOs than their workers in order to highlight and address income inequality. Bob also supports closing loopholes that allow the largest corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and has fought to repeal tax breaks for companies that outsource U.S. jobs overseas.

Rebuilding vital infrastructure

Bob secured funding to rebuild, improve, and protect our transportation infrastructure that is critical to regional commerce and adds local jobs.

Continuing to rebuild and strengthen our economy

Bob continues to support efforts that further spur investment and job creation in New Jersey communities still recovering from the recession and Superstorm Sandy. Since its inception, the New Market Tax Credit program has helped create over 12,000 New Jersey jobs and generated $1.6 billion in economic development.

Backing small businesses

Bob introduced the bipartisan Start Up Jobs and Innovation Act and is working to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow a small business and to help those businesses comply with complex tax rules.

Supporting our manufacturing sector

Bob supports programs that bolster manufacturers’ ability to develop new customers and create good, well-paying jobs because he understands that New Jersey’s manufacturing industries are key for job growth, innovation, and our economy.

Helping hard-hit New Jersey homeowners and communities recover from the financial crisis and Superstorm Sandy

Bob introduced the Preserving American Homeownership Act and Responsible Homeowner Refinancing Act to help New Jersey homeowners hit hard by the financial crisis and Superstorm Sandy responsibly avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes, benefitting families, communities, businesses, and the economy.

Reforming Wall Street and protecting against financial crises

Bob fought for Wall Street reform measures to protect families and businesses from another financial crisis, including accountability for wrongdoers and greater vigilance against risky and abusive practices.

Fighting to revitalize New Jersey communities

Bob championed funding to clean up contaminated waste sites and turn them into fertile engines for economic growth.

Preserving jobs for teachers and first responders

Bob supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Education Jobs Fund, which together have kept thousands of New Jersey teachers in the classrooms and off the unemployment lines.

Modernizing our ports

Bob fought for the federal support needed to raise the Bayonne Bridge. Raising the bridge not only enables our ports to meet the demands of the 21st century economy, it also creates an estimated 6,500 new jobs, and helps ensure that nearly 280,000 port-supported jobs will remain secure. He also secured funding to improve and expand facilities at Port Newark, creating hundreds of jobs while reducing shipping costs for the region.

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