BURLINGTON CITY, N.J. – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) released the following statement on the first Trump Budget proposal, which seeks to make drastic cuts to programs vital to New Jersey and the United States.

“If the federal budget is a reflection of our values, then clearly President Trump doesn’t value America’s working and middle class families.

“This budget would be devastating to New Jersey families and communities, especially those struggling to get ahead. It guts investments in community and economic development in cities like Camden and Atlantic City, zeroes-out help for tens of thousands of our seniors to heat their homes in the winter, and tosses aside after-school programs for thousands of our children. It eliminates funding for CDFI’s, which provide access to capital and investment in underserved communities, and obliterates the programs we need to keep struggling families and individuals from homelessness.

“Trump’s budget plan siphons billions of dollars away from education and medical research, and abandons critical infrastructure projects like Gateway that are vital to New Jersey’s economy. And it decimates funding for environmental protection, giving dirty energy companies free license to pollute our air and water and making it nearly impossible to clean up the 113 Superfund sites in New Jersey.

“For all of Donald Trump’s promises of ‘winning’ we heard on the campaign trail, the American people are the losers in this budget – big league. And I will fight with all I have to defeat it.”

Senator Menendez also responded to questions on various aspects of the budget at a press conference in Burlington City, N.J.

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