WASHINGTON, D.C. – Standing outside a closed café in the U.S. Senate Dirksen office building, Senator Bob Menendez, the most senior Hispanic in the U.S. Congress, today stood in solidarity with immigrants across the country who are staying home from work and school to underscore the enormous impact immigrants have on our national economy and way of life.

Senator Menendez also released this statement:

“Some people on the other side may be willing to tell immigrants that they can work for us but never become one of us. That is unacceptable. One of my goals is to guide all Americans towards a new understanding of immigrants in this country, to assert once and for all that we are all full participants in the dream. Immigrants and their contributions in sweat and blood have helped make the country great and will continue to do so. To push away from the excesses and the injustices that distort reality, we need to accentuate the real story as it is. Immigrants are already part of the American tapestry. We are all America.”