WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today released the following statement on the passage of legislation to keep the federal Highway Trust Fund solvent until next May:

"I am pleased Congress has finally taken action to rescue the federal Highway Trust Fund from the brink of insolvency, allowing critical road and transit projects to move forward and keeping thousands of construction workers on the job. However, passing dozens of short-term patches is not a solution to a long-term problem. Congress's current approach is short-sighted, and I hope we will begin immediate consideration of a real solution that provides new investment to support jobs, strengthen our economic competitiveness, and improve quality of life.

"Current inadequate funding levels will not get the job done and will not give communities the confidence they need build towards the future. Our highways are deteriorating, our bridges crumbling and our transit systems failing to meet our transportation needs. We need a long-term transportation bill that gives States and transit agencies the predictability they need to do big projects and create jobs. We have to be willing to make real investments in our aging infrastructure to keep America competitive in the 21st century."