JERSEY CITY, NJ - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today joined Hungarian President Janos Ader and Rubik' Cube Inventor Erno Rubik for the premiere of Liberty Science Center's new exhibit, Beyond Rubik's Cube, marking the 40th Anniversary of the world's best-selling puzzle toy.

"Today we're here to celebrate what Hungary's Erno Rubik gave to the world," said Sen. Menendez to a group of 300 invited guests. "It was far more than just a puzzle; Rubik's Cube was a combination of logical thought, scientific knowledge, engineering prowess, and pure imagination. It puts in our hands the power of problem solving-and makes engineering and logic fun. I know I can't do it, but I know the fun of trying."

The 7,000 square-foot exhibit features interactive games and puzzles and offers visitors a glimpse into the origins of the Cube, emerging from a workshop in Communist-era Hungary to become a worldwide phenomenon.

"Once considered a solitary activity, the Cube has connected people everywhere. Speedcubers travel the globe to meet one another. Game designers trade secrets and collaborate on puzzles. Musicians and magicians share their Cube-inspired tracks and tricks online," explained Paul Hoffman, Liberty Science Center President and CEO, and the exhibit's creative director. "Beyond Rubik's Cube will serve as a focal point to bring communities together to celebrate the innovation that grows from playing with the Cube."

Quoting Albert Einstein, Sen. Menendez said, "Logic will get you from 'A' to 'B.' Imagination will take you everywhere. So let's enjoy the challenge of Beyond Rubik's Cube and let our imaginations carry us away."

The exhibit at Liberty Science Center will be open to the public from April 26 through at least the end of November 2014, before traveling internationally for seven years.

Sen. Menendez with Erno Rubik (right) and Jeno Megyesy (center), senior advisor to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Sen. Menendez and Rubik's Cube inventor Erno Rubik (immediate left) are among the dignitaries attending the premiere of Liberty Science Center's 'Beyond Rubik's Cube' exhibit.