Washington - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, (D-NJ) today released a report showing some of the early highlights of the investments being made in New Jersey through the economic recovery package passed earlier this year. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has swiftly targeted areas in which federal investments are essential to avoid more job losses, promote the rehiring of employees, start projects that put New Jerseayns to work, and lay the foundation for a stronger economy. The legislation, a top priority of the Congress and President Obama, was signed into law in February in order to proactively address the worst since the Great Depression, which has forced companies and businesses into bankruptcy, eliminated thousands of jobs, and cost millions of American families their homes.

"With many New Jersey families enduring the toughest times they've ever faced, it was tremendously important for Congress, working with President Obama, to be proactive," said Menendez. "The economic recovery package focuses first and foremost on creating jobs, while spurring economic activity and laying the groundwork for economic security. In our state, we've already seen millions of dollars begin to flow, putting people to work on construction projects, providing a safety net for people who have been laid off and creating savings on energy costs. This is just the beginning of what we hope can lead to a badly needed recovery."

For a breakdown of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocations in New Jersey click on link: http://dpc.senate.gov/docs/states-fs-111-1-84/nj.pdf

Last month, over 800 municipal officials attended a stimulus application briefing in Trenton that guided them to the access of Recovery Act funding, so they can request federal funding for their cities and towns that in turn will benefit New Jersey families that struggle day to day to create a better life for their loved ones.