Washington - In commemoration of World Aids Day, today US Senator Robert Menendez released the following statement:

"We must use this day to keep in the spotlight the millions of people worldwide who continue to live with HIV and AIDS, including the thousands here in New Jersey. We must reaffirm our commitment to tackling and helping prevent the spread of this terrible disease. We can celebrate the advancements that have allowed those who are living with the disease and receive proper medical treatment to have a better life quality and life expectancy. But we cannot sweep under the rug the fact that more people than ever are living with HIV, and this number only increases every year. We must continue working to find a cure, prevent the spread, and continue raising awareness on the stigma and prejudice that those with HIV suffer. I have sponsored a Senate resolution to affirm our commitment to affordable housing for those living with HIV, and I will continue to support policies that will help prevent and, one day, eradicate this disease. On World Aids Day, I encourage everyone to put on their red ribbon, help bring awareness, and take concrete actions to help make a difference in their communities."

Menendez is the sponsor of S. Con. Res 39, a resolution that would affirm the Congress's commitment to affordable housing for those living with HIV and AIDS.