WASHINGTON – Senator Bob Menendez, Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement in response to President Trump's dangerous decision to withdraw some U.S. forces from Germany.

"Champagne must be flowing freely this evening at the Kremlin.  The Trump Administration's decision to withdraw forces from Germany is not only an affront to one of our closest allies, but will ultimately weaken U.S. efforts to counter Kremlin aggression in Europe.  Germany is as an essential platform for life-saving medical care for our troops at Landstuhl hospital, for the Enhanced Forward Presence effort in Eastern Europe to counter Russia and for U.S. security interests across the Middle East and Africa. That platform is not easily replicated elsewhere.  The Senate has a responsibility to act and block this move."

"On a nearly daily basis, President Trump pays off the debt owed to President Putin who supported his 2016 election.  Yesterday, he admitted to not having raised the Russian bounties on U.S. troops with Vladimir Putin.  And today he withdraws troops from Germany.  Senate Republicans have a responsibility to stand up to the President and put an end to this abdication of his oath to protect the United States from enemies foreign and domestic." 

In June, Senator Menendez introduced the Maintaining United States National Security Interests in Europe Act, bicameral legislation to restrict funding for the implementation of President Trump's reckless plans to withdraw some U.S. forces from Germany.