U.S. Senator Bob Menendez released the below statement following the Trump Administration’s notice to Congress regarding renegotiating NAFTA:

“As someone who voted against NAFTA, I believe the agreement must be improved so that New Jersey’s working families receive more benefits from trade. The Administration’s notice to renegotiate has provided no clear policy goals and raises more questions than answers for American workers. Any updated NAFTA must strengthen labor standards and make them enforceable, and above all, raise wages here at home. I find it incredible that after so much talk on the campaign trail and over 100 days in office, the Administration has still not laid out the specific changes it wants to make to the deal, and how those changes will help grow middle class incomes. As we move forward, I hope the Administration will closely consult with me and my colleagues in Congress to make sure that any new deal doesn’t repeat the same mistakes made in TPP. My vote will ultimately rest on whether the Administration’s negotiation can deliver on the high standards needed to make trade work for America’s middle class.”