WASHINGTON, DC - U.S.Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), released the following statement today after the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with President Obama to discuss Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

"Today's meeting with President Obama served as a great opportunity to reiterate the Congressional Hispanic Caucus's commitment to passing a comprehensive immigration bill that will bring 11 million undocumented out of the shadows while strengthening America's economic future. We discussed shared views on the next steps to take, and I was pleased to hear that the President's public strategy will include speaking directly to the American people about the importance of comprehensive immigration reform with a clear pathway to citizenship while underscoring the vast economic benefits of this common sense legislation.

"By passing the Gang of 8 bill, the Senate accomplished something the American people have been asking for -- true bipartisan compromise. Now, the House leadership must garner the political will and courage to unite the nation and send a comprehensive immigration reform bill to President Obama's desk - a bill that will increase the GDP, reduce the deficit, promote prosperity, and create jobs. Now is not the time to put tea party politics ahead of the will of the American people. I urge my Republican colleagues to do the right thing, and I look forward to working with the President in the coming months to fix our nation's broken immigration system once and for all."

Today's meeting comes on the heels of a new White House report outlining the plethora of economic benefits to reap from fixing our nation's broken immigration system.

According to a 50 state study released by the non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), enabling current undocumented immigrants to work legally would infuse $2 billion in tax revenue a year to states, including $81 million a year in New Jersey.