Menendez: "Cyber-threats are Not on the Horizon, They are Upon Us"

Washington - With oil refineries reporting today that their computer systems were hacked multiple times over the past year - just days after NASDAQ officials admitted that their systems had also been breached - Menendez announces introduction of the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act in the Senate, a bill that aims to help financial markets, key industries, and government agencies proactively attack cyber threats rather than simply waiting to be attacked.

US Senator Robert Menendez today announced that he will introduce the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, a bipartisan bill that passed the House last year, which will increase the capacity to identify and respond to cyber attacks - boosting security for markets and protecting investments. The legislation will help the agencies that fund cybersecurity research to cooperate in developing a long-term, proactive plan.

Both oil and NASDAQ officials confirmed this week that their computer systems were, not once, but repeatedly hacked by outsiders. Representatives of both admitted that "suspicious files" had been found on their computers after the security breaches.

Senator Menendez said, "Cyber- threats are not on the horizon, they are upon us. Businesses and investors must trust that their investments are secure. We cannot allow security breaches to undermine our trust in the US economy. We must step forward and curb these attacks without delay."

• Require the agencies that fund cybersecurity research to cooperate in developing a long-term, proactive R&D plan
• Improve the transfer of cybersecurity technologies to the marketplace
• Reauthorize National Science Foundation R&D programs to safeguard computer and network privacy and to develop cybersecurity degree programs at colleges
• Require the National Institute of Standards and Technology to develop and implement a public cybersecurity awareness and education program to encourage the more widespread adoption of best practices.