Washington - The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced that the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) has awarded Interocean American Shipping (IAS), based in Moorestown, NJ, a contract to maintain and operate two additional ships in MARAD's Ready Reserve Force (RRF) fleet. The contract, worth $4 million, brings valuable resources and recognition to New Jersey.

"The U. S. Maritime Administration's Ready Reserve Force fleet is vital to our national security and to U.S. participation in international relief missions around the world. New Jersey's Interocean American Shipping Corporation is a top performer in the Ready Reserve Force, consistently able to mobilize and deliver the ships it manages to the U.S. Navy at a moment's notice. I am proud of the exceptional work that IAS does in support of the Ready Reserve Fleet and I am pleased they are being rewarded. Their management of two additional ships will bring more business and more jobs to Moorestown."

MARAD's Ready Reserve Force (RRF) fleet consists of 48 ships that support the rapid deployment of U.S. forces worldwide for a variety of activities including military purposes and emergency response. With this new contract, IAS now maintains and operates four of these ships. Ships on standby must be delivered to the U.S. Navy within a specified timeframe often ranging from five to 10 days, and MARAD conducts tests regularly to ensure contractors are able to fulfill their obligation to deliver ships within these tight timeframes to a variety of geographic locations.