Newark - Senator Menendez celebrated Labor Day with the following statement:

"Today, every New Jerseyan and every American should ask themselves if there has ever been a more significant Labor Day than this one -- if there ever has been a time when jobs and labor have meantmore, a time when the idea and ideal of having and keeping a job has been more precious to us?

"At a time when more Americans are standing up and saying we will take any work to support our families -- it is our obligation to do all we can to make sure jobs and work are more attainable.

"This Labor Day - as we celebrate the spirit of hard working American families who have made this nation the most productive, powerful, and pioneering nation in the world - we face recovering from Irene as well as recovering from the worst economic shock since the Great Depression with a collective spirit and resolve to pick up the pieces as we always have and rebuild our communities and our economy.

"Let that spirit and resolve be the lesson for this Labor Day as we celebrate the American worker and every New Jersey family who believes that communities, government, and the private sector working together can make us stronger and better than ever before.

"Let's unite behind what matters most: shifting our attention to creating more jobs and rebuilding this economy for working families.I intend to continue to make fighting for working families my number one job.

"Have a great Labor Day."