The Affordable Care Act made this waiver possible, allowing low-income individuals in New Jersey to get more comprehensive coverage and at a lower cost to the state

Washington -The State of New Jersey was granted a Medicaid "waiver" that will provide hundreds of millions in desperately needed budget savings over the next three years, Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., announced on Thursday. The waiver helps the state cover low-income adults with no children in the Medicaid program. The financing for this waiver would not have been possible without the Affordable Care Act.

Under the waiver, the federal government will pay half the cost to cover childless adults earning $140 or less per month, providing a significant budget savings to the state at a time of serious fiscal problems. The state now pays the full cost for approximately 57,000 people. An estimated 10,000 additional people would qualify for coverage. In addition, the State will increase care coordination to improve health outcomes for participants in the program.

Senator Menendez said: "This announcement is more proof of the positive impact that the new Affordable Care Act is already having in New Jersey. This waiver is a win for New Jersey's budget as the state will receive hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government in the next two and a half years as a result of this announcement. In addition, 70,000 New Jerseyans can now rest easy knowing that they will have access to essential Medicaid benefits."

"This is great news for New Jersey and another example of how the federal health care reform law is helping our state," Lautenberg stated. "As we fight to improve the economy and create jobs, this federal funding will make sure quality health care is available for thousands of New Jerseyans."

"This is real good news for New Jersey. It provides a significant amount of money at a time when the state faces serious budget problems. This is one more benefit related to the Affordable Care Act that helps people with medical care and helps states with financial resources to meet those needs." said Congressman Frank Pallone.