Washington - Thousands are marching today in various American cities for a comprehensive reform of the immigration system. U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), one of the Senate's lead negotiators on immigration reform legislation, today said that the marches represent the continuing support for a new, sensible and fair system:

"Today's marches again show the eagerness of so many immigrants in our country to fully participate in and contribute to our society. As we continue negotiations in Congress toward comprehensive immigration reform, a majority of Americans want a realistic new system. That includes tough border defenses, earned legalization, an understanding of the economic realities and respect for the core values of family unity and fundamental fairness. That goal continues to be my focus, and I remain hopeful that we will pass bipartisan, consensus reform that addresses immigration in a sensible and humane manner when the Senate takes up this issue at the end of the month."

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