After fight­ing the Is­lam­ic State for more than a year, Pres­id­ent Obama has re­newed his call for Con­gress to give him the spe­cif­ic au­thor­ity to fight the ter­ror­ist group. But the odds that he’ll get it aren’t high...

...Robert Men­en­dez nicely sum­mar­ized the prob­lem Monday night: “The big de­bate here is between a uni­verse, mostly Re­pub­lic­ans, that wants to ba­sic­ally say, ‘Here you go [Obama], you have the where­with­al to do any­thing you need’—you know, an open-ended au­thor­iz­a­tion—and Demo­crats who don’t want to see an­oth­er Ir­aq or an­oth­er Afgh­anistan in terms of an open-ended mil­it­ary [en­gage­ment]; they want to tail­or it more. When you get to tail­or­ing it more, you have a Re­pub­lic­an uni­verse that says, ‘No, we … think that by tail­or­ing it, you’re con­trolling an ex­ec­ut­ive and you’re ham­stringing him.’”

The de­bate, Men­en­dez said, has al­lowed Re­pub­lic­ans to move on from the is­sue ar­guing that “there’s no agree­ment and the ad­min­is­tra­tion is already hav­ing mil­it­ary ac­tions without it.” The New Jer­sey Demo­crat, as many of his col­leagues have in the past, called on Re­pub­lic­ans to present their own AUMF strategy, but that doesn’t ap­pear to be go­ing any­where either.

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