Cavan Matthews, an 11-year old township boy, loves reading, hanging out with his friends and playing soccer.  His favorite players are Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd, Tim Howard and Pele. And like most 11-year old boys, someday he would love to meet them.  But unlike most 11-year olds, Cavan Matthews considers United States Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker among his idols. Recently, Cavan had the special opportunity to meet and speak with both Senators when they visited Union to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act.

Cavan, who will be attending 6th grade at Kawameeh Middle School in the fall, first had the chance to meet and speak with Senator Menendez.  The Senator and Cavan spoke about his favorite subjects in school, math and science. The Senator applauded Cavan for his interest in these topics, explaining that there are not enough young people pursuing these fields. As someone who travels around the country talking with young people, the Senator said he was excited to hear of Cavan's interests.

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