New Jersey U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is holding Amazon’s feet to the fire after a report uncovered hundreds of complaints about its products going up in flames. 

Phone chargers, surge protectors and dozens of other electrical items under the AmazonBasics brand have helped people navigate their newfound work-from-home lifestyle, but an investigation by CNN found at least 1,500 complaints claiming these products went up in smoke and suddenly set fire.

According to CNN, those complaints have been mostly ignored by the company. 

“This isn’t a singular incident. There are many,” said Menendez, who joined Democratic U.S. Sens. Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal in writing a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, demanding recalls for faulty and dangerous items.

“We want them to be a responsible company,” he continued. “We want them to remove these products, notify consumers. And it’s also time for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate Amazon’s apparent failure to act to protect consumers from dangerous products.”

In a statement responding to CNN’s investigation, Amazon said it prioritizes quality and wants consumers to shop with confidence, and if anyone has concerns, he or she should contact customer service to ensure a prompt investigation.