The county’s representation in the U.S. Congress spoke out against the Republican infrastructure proposal this week, according to press releases from both congressional offices. NJ Democratic Senator Bob Menendez called the plan a “hit job on NJ families and commuters,” while Democratic Rep. Albio Sires called it “unsurprisingly selfish in scope and particularly harmful to our communities.”

“Instead of making a real investment in our aging infrastructure, the Trump plan actually cuts net federal infrastructure spending by $40 billion and shifts the burden on states and commuters by hiking taxes, tolls and fares,” said Sen. Menendez in a press release. “That means commuters paying more for less. That means ignoring critical repairs and upgrades to our roads, rails and bridges. That means making travel less safe and less reliable. That means threatening to derail the Gateway Project and ignoring calls to strengthen rail safety by fast-tracking lifesaving technology, like Positive Train Control, to prevent future tragedies like the one in Hoboken. This plan is bad for New Jersey, bad for our country, and I will do everything I can to fight it.”


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