NEWARK -- U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez on Wednesday came to the defense of Sen. Chuck Schumer who Donald Trump attacked as contributing to an immigration system that allowed into the United States the Uzbekistan native accused of mowing down and killing eight people in New York City with a rental truck on Tuesday.

"I don't blame Senator Schumer at all," Menendez , D-NJ, said.  "I blame the realities of that we are not focused on fighting an ideology that is critical; fight it in every platform where ISIS seeks to convert people - on the Internet, in places of worship, in other places. We need to be doing something,"

"He came through a legal process and then he became radicalized in the United States. And so we could have anybody - either born here or legitimately comes under any form of our immigration system and then gets radicalized," Menendez said. "That's why I say we have to fight the ideology that has people believing that killing others and dying is more glorifying than living."

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