Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) went to the Senate floor on Thursday to cite chapter and verse on Iran’s refusal to abide by current agreements and the administration’s penchant for making excuses. He put the White House and Iran on notice that he will come “again and again” to the Senate floor to shine a light on Iran’s conduct.

The major portion of his address came from an article written by an expert we have cited here before — David Albright from the Institute for Science and International Security. Menendez explained that Albright “says that the State Department’s explanation of Iran’s newly produced 3.5 percent enriched uranium falls short and that the State Department seems to be making excuses for the fact that Iran has not reduced its enrichment level which they agreed to do in the Joint Plan of Action.” In other words, Iran is not now reducing its nuclear stockpile, it is expanding it:

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