US Transportation Secretary Lahood Announces $298.7 Million In Federal Recovery Act Funds For New Jersey Transit Projects

US Transportation Secretary Lahood Announces $298.7 Million In Federal Recovery Act Funds For New Jersey Transit Projects

Includes $130 Million for the Mass Transit Tunnel Project

Washington - U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced $298.7 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars to NJ TRANSIT for 13 projects that will improve aging infrastructure, help ease daily commutes and generate jobs across the region.

"This is what the Recovery Act is all about - putting people to work on projects that will help jump-start our economy and modernize our public transportation systems at the same time," Secretary LaHood said during a press conference at Metropark Station in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Governor Jon Corzine applauded the announcement. "I want to thank Secretary LaHood and the Obama Administration for their commitment to action by providing these American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds" said Governor Corzine. "As a result, we'll be able to kick-off a new slate of shovel-ready projects to make necessary infrastructure improvements that will help to stimulate our economy, save jobs and create new jobs for New Jersey residents."

"Mass transit in New Jersey is getting a massive boost today. As more residents and commuters search for ways to escape congestion and traffic on our roads, this funding will help ensure that New Jersey has reliable and safe mass transit as an alternative to driving," said Senator Frank R. Lautenberg. "This major investment of nearly $300 million will help modernize our state's transit infrastructure, improve reliability and create jobs."

"This is a day to focus onrenewal andhope, a day when New Jersey stands proudly at the center of America's economic recovery," said Senator Robert Menendez. "These projects will not only revitalize our transit system, but allow hard working men and womento proudly provide for their families and strengthen our community.As the centerpiece of this investment, the new mass transit tunnel will create thousands of jobs now and into the future while saving commuters time and money and cleaning the air we breathe."

In addition to the Mass Transit Tunnel Project, which consists of two new tunnels under the Hudson River and a new rail station underneath 34th Street in midtown Manhattan, this recovery money will also pay for bus, van, and railcar purchases, as well as facility, track, and safety and bridge improvements throughout the system.

To date, the U.S. Department of Transportation has made $24.1 billion in Recovery Act funds available nationwide for over 7,400 projects.

NJ TRANSIT $298.7 Million Recovery Grant, Breakdown by Project
Access to the Region's Core (ARC)/Mass Transit Tunnel - $130 Million

Funds for the nine-mile commuter rail Mass Transit Tunnel project connecting New Jersey and Manhattan will be used for the following:

* $110 million for design and engineering expenses, as well as costs associated with construction and project management activities.
* $20 million for a new underpass structure to carry Route 1& 9 over the new ARC Core tracks and modifications to the building located at 2001 Tonnelle Ave.

Bus Rehabilitation - $35.0 Million

Rehabilitation of NJ TRANSIT's bus fleet includes replacement of various bus components such as engines, transmissions, pumps, motors, and other parts, as well as major body work and structural repairs.

Lower Hack Drawbridge Rehabilitation (Phase II) -$30 Million

Lower Hack drawbridge is a three-track bridge that carries NJ TRANSIT's Morris & Essex and Montclair-Boonton Line trains over the Hackensack River between Kearny and Jersey City in Hudson County. Rehabilitation will include concrete and structural steel repairs.

Morristown Line Bi-Directional Signal Improvements - $25 Million

This project involves installation of a train traffic control system on the Morristown Line of NJ TRANSIT's Morris & Essex Lines. This system allows for bi-directional train operation on a two-track segment between Summit and Denville, providing increased capacity and flexibility on NJ TRANSIT's commuter rail system.

River LINE Cab Signal System - $24 Million

Funds will be used for the design, purchase and installation of an Automatic Train Control (ATC) signal system for NJ TRANSIT's 34-mile River LINE light rail system, which provides service between Camden and Trenton, NJ. An ATC system will permit the train operator to view the current signal restrictions from the cab of the light rail vehicle, rather than relying on wayside signals along the right-of-way. In addition to providing a significant enhancement in managing train movements, an ATC system satisfies the requirement of the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 to install "Positive Train Control" by December 2015.

Plauderville Station/High-Level Platform - $15 Million

Funds will be used to install high-level platforms, canopies, heated shelters, and ramps at the Plauderville Station, which serves the Bergen County Commuter Rail Line and local bus service in Garfield, NJ, allowing boarding for persons with disabilities.

ACCESS LINK and Atlantic City Jitney Vehicle Purchases - $16 Million

ACCESS LINK is NJ TRANSIT's paratransit service that is available for individuals who cannot use NJ TRANSIT's regular bus service. Funds will be used as follows:

* $10.8 million to purchase 137 minibuses, 47 of which will replace aging vehicles. * $1.3 million to purchase 24 vans. * $1.6 million to purchase 57 sedans. * $2.3 million for replacement of 30 minibuses to provide feeder bus service to the Atlantic City Rail station from destinations throughout Atlantic Cit

Edison Station Park and Ride - $11 Million

This project involves the construction of a supplemental parking facility to serve the increased commuter needs at NJ TRANSIT's Edison Station, including construction of an approximately 475-space surface parking lot with new daily and monthly permit spaces on the outbound side of the existing station.

Various Other Projects - $12.7 Million

* $4.7 million for the Enhanced Track Rehabilitation Project, which involves replacement of ties, rails and switches along various rail lines throughout the system. * $2.5 million for 175 bus shelters, as well as improvements to bus signage, passenger information display installation, and lighting in bus boarding areas throughout New Jersey. * $2.0 million for construction of an intermodal transit center and parking facility in Pennsauken, New Jersey. * $2.0 million for exterior pedestrian traffic and circulation improvements on the west side of Newark Penn Station. * $1.5 million for rehabilitation of commuter rail rolling stock, including repair and replacement of major system components of commuter passenger rail cars and locomotives.

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