Salazar, Menendez, and Reid Introduce Resolution Recognizing Contributions of Hispanic Americans

Salazar, Menendez, and Reid Introduce Resolution Recognizing Contributions of Hispanic Americans

Washington - Highlighting the many contributions that Hispanic Americans make to our Nation,Senators Ken Salazar (CO) and Robert Menendez (NJ), co-chairs of the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, introduced a resolution today recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month, the month-long celebration highlighting the culture, heritage and contributions of Hispanic Americans.

Currently, the United States Census Bureau estimates there are over 44 million Hispanic Americans in the United States, making them the largest ethnic minority in the United States. Their population is expected to exceed 103 million by 2050. One in every three children is of Hispanic descent and the purchasing power of the Hispanic community is projected to reach over $1 trillion by 2010.

Senator Salazar said: "During Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the Hispanic community and pay tribute to the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions of Hispanic Americans. The contributions of Hispanic Americans in our armed services and in our local communities help make our country what it is today. All Latinos deserve a real opportunity to achieve the American Dream, whether they have been here for generations or just arrived to our shores. We are committed to an agenda which reflects our commitment that America should work for everyone - not just those at the top - by building opportunity and prosperity for all."

Senator Menendez said: "I am proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and, as the first Hispanic Senator from New Jersey, I am blessed to introduce this resolution to honor our legacy and contributions. It is indisputable: people of Hispanic origin have played a pivotal role in our nation's history from as early as when some of the oldest cities in America were founded. Today, we continue to be an integral part of the fabric of this nation as part of the armed services and as entrepreneurs, journalists, farmworkers, artists and teachers. Our human potential helps make this a great nation."

Senator Reid said: "I am proud to represent a state as diverse as Nevada, where almost 1 out of every four Nevadan is Hispanic. The U.S. Hispanic community represents the best of America. Hard work, dedication to family and community, and patriotism. These are principles that Latinos, and all Americans cherish. During Hispanic Heritage Month, we should celebrate the culture and contributions of Latinos to our country. And we should redouble our efforts to fight for policies that improve the quality of life of Hispanic families, and all hard working Americans."

The mission of the Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force is to increase communication between Hispanic leaders and Democratic Senators and to ensure that the issues of importance to the Hispanic community are addressed in Congress.