Princeton, NJ Researchers Will Spearhead Nation’s Effort to Reduce Costs of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Princeton, NJ Researchers Will Spearhead Nation’s Effort to Reduce Costs of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Washington -U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today announced that New Jersey researchers at Siemens in Princeton will share in nearly $7 million in Department of Energy (DOE) research and development funding to improve the development and design of electric vehicle chargers, helping to reduce their cost by 50 percent. This research will promote "smart" charging capabilities that can help ensure electric vehicles enhance, rather than strain, existing electrical grid capacity.

"It is great to see New Jersey researchers helping make the wide deployment of electric vehicles a reality," said Menendez. "Electric vehicles reduce our dependence on oil and improve air quality, so it is gratifying to see the federal government making this important investment."
"Electric vehicles will help break our reliance on oil and improve our air quality,"
said Senator Lautenberg, a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee. "This investment will put New Jersey in the driver's seat on electric vehicle technology and help our country transition to cleaner and more efficient cars and trucks."

With electric vehicles, smart chargers and smart grid technologies, the grid can more efficiently manage the availability and reliability of power, especially during peak times and at popular charging locations.

Four projects were selected from across the nation. Two of the four selected projects - including Siemens Corporate Research in Princeton -- will focus on improving electric vehicle chargers that attach to consumers' homes and are used by the owners to charge their vehicles while they are at home. The other two selected projects will focus on chargers used at commercial and public locations to charge large numbers of vehicles, including commercial fleets of delivery vehicles.

These research and development investments will leverage additional investments from the industry grantees. Final award amounts are subject to negotiation.

Siemens Corporate Research - Princeton, New Jersey
DOE share: $1,617,619; Recipient share: $747,552

Siemens will redesign its current electric vehicle supply equipment system and charging stations in residential areas to enable flexible, intelligent control of charging, so that power quality and service reliability are maintained on the local distribution grid.