New Analysis: GOP Slash-And-Burn Budget Cuts An Estimated 20,600 New Jersey Jobs

New Analysis: GOP Slash-And-Burn Budget Cuts An Estimated 20,600 New Jersey Jobs

As Economy Rebounds, GOP Slashes Hundreds of Construction Jobs, Job Training

Menendez: "Republican Plan Throws a Wet Blanket onto Rebounding Economy"

Jersey City - The Republican slash-and-burn budget would eliminate an estimated 20,600 New Jersey jobs, according to new analysis highlighted today by US Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey). Menendez called for smart, sensible cuts to the deficit instead of a reckless approach that would cost New Jersey jobs. The analysis comes after the US economic data showed unemployment dipping beneath 9 percent for the first time since April 2009. Federal data released Friday showed that the economy added nearly 190,000 private sector jobs in January.

•Eliminates an estimated 20,600 New Jersey jobs over the next two years
•Slashes Over 400 Construction Jobs for Portal Bridge Replacement Work
•Cuts $75 million for job training, impacting approximately 70,000 New Jersey workers
•Eliminates more than 3,000 community health center jobs in New Jersey
•Slashes Pell Grant by $845 - eliminating education assistance to estimated 180,000 Jersey students
•Slashes $34 million in resources and tools for to secure New Jersey ports, airports and rail
•Cuts nearly 4,000 New Jersey kids from Head Start

At a time when New Jersey families are seeing rising food and gas prices, Menendez has lead Senate efforts to close billions of dollars in tax breaks to big oil companies. His proposal worth cut an estimated $33 billion for taxpayers. That's a common sense step that cuts the budget gap while continuing our economic rebound.

Senator Menendez said, "All of us agree that Washington needs to get its fiscal house in order. But the Republicans' slash-and-burn budget will cost New Jersey jobs. We can't throw a wet blanket on the economy at the precise time when we are starting to create jobs. We need to make common sense, targeted cuts that will allow us to reduce the deficit while continuing to create jobs."