Menendez Statement on Latest into Hoboken Train Crash

Menendez Statement on Latest into Hoboken Train Crash

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez today released the following statement after reports regarding the Hoboken train crash:

“I am confident that both the Federal Railroad Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are taking a comprehensive look at the Hoboken crash.  Their findings will be critical to ensuring that we understand the cause and take steps to ensure a similar accident never occurs again. 

“If it is determined that the engineer suffered from a chronic condition that contributed to the crash, it only further underscores the critical need for Positive Train Control, which is precisely designed to prevent a train from exceeding the required speed limit in the case of operator impairment. 

“It’s imperative that New Jersey Transit riders have full transparency into the safety of the transit system they rely upon, and that elected officials have a clear picture of the safety challenges the agency is facing.  As the ranking member of the Senate transit subcommittee, I intend to continue to proactively oversee these investigations, and to ensure that all possible steps are taken to protect NJT riders.”     

Earlier today, the senator was briefed by the NTSB and FRA on their ongoing investigation.