Menendez Statement on Emergency Supplemental Funding Bill Vote

Menendez Statement on Emergency Supplemental Funding Bill Vote


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Bob Menendez released the following statement after voting in favor of the House-passed emergency supplemental spending bill and against the Senate version of the emergency supplemental spending bill:

“Every day, the American people are witnessing the human fallout from the Trump Administration’s un-American policies and anti-immigrant agenda. This Administration has ripped babies from their mothers, incarcerated asylum-seeking families, shut ports of entry, forced children to care for children in filthy conditions, and left a father and his young daughter – desperate to flee violence and despair – dead, face down in the mud, still clinging to one another. 

“What’s happening is inhumane.

“I supported the House emergency supplemental bill so that we can help address the immediate humanitarian crisis at the border. This legislation would ramp up funding desperately needed to support on-the-ground organizations, ensure the humane treatment of children in CBP custody, and put in strong guardrails to prevent funds from being diverted to furthering this Administration’s deportation machine and long-term detention practices.

“The Senate-passed bill, however, provides too much latitude for the Trump Administration to perpetuate its shameful practices at the border that are resulting in the horrendous conditions we are seeing today. 

“But I remain hopeful that by going to conference with the House, there can be the kind of improvements we need to ensure immigrant children in this Administration’s custody are properly cared for, and that strong language is included to ensure the Trump Administration cannot simply redirect funds to continue their deportation and deterrence-only policies.”