Menendez Stands Up Against Forcing NJ To Accept Transmission Lines Against Its Will

Menendez Stands Up Against Forcing NJ To Accept Transmission Lines Against Its Will

As Energy and Natural Resources Committee considers legislation on transmission of electricity, NJ senator also stands up against dirty production of energy

Washington - US Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today made his serious concerns on new electricity transmission legislation known with an attempt to change the legislation through a major amendment in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Menendez is concerned that, should the bill become law, New Jersey families could find electricity transmission lines placed on or near their property or other protected areas, without having any say. Furthermore, Menendez is concerned that new transmission lines would be used to transmit electricity generated from dirty fossil fuels sources instead of being used expressly for electricity from renewables.

Menendez's attempt to restrict the ability to take land for these transmission lines was voted down, as expected; however, he intends to continue making this case and attempting to change the legislation at other stages of the process.

"New Jersey has been eyed as prime territory for new transmission lines coming from coal country to New York City, the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic regions," said Menendez. "Under this legislation, a New Jersey family could be helpless to fight new high-powered transmission lines that are proposed for placement in their backyards. It is important to me to stand up to protect New Jersey families' property and to stand up against a proposal that would encourage additional electricity production from dirty fossil fuels sources rather than only from clean renewable sources. This was only the first of my attempts to make this point and help change the bill."

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