Menendez Remarks Ahead of Judge Martinotti Senate Confirmation

Menendez Remarks Ahead of Judge Martinotti Senate Confirmation

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Bob Menendez today spoke on the Senate Floor in favor of the nomination of Brian Martinotti to be the next United States District Court judge for the District of New Jersey. The Senate overwhelmingly voted to confirm Judge Martinotti by a 92-5 margin shortly after Senator Menendez’s remarks.

Below are his full remarks as prepared for delivery:

“M. President, I’m pleased to be joining my colleague from New Jersey Senator Booker, first in his recommendation to the President of Judge Martinotti and today on the floor in support of his confirmation.  And it was one of Senator Booker’s first opportunities to recommend to the President an exemplary recommendation that I was very pleased to support.  And I rise to express to all of my colleagues my wholehearted, enthusiastic support of Brian Martinotti’s nomination and recommend his confirmation to the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

“In his life and in his career, he has shown himself to be a Judge with the necessary wisdom, experience, and judicial temperament that the District Court requires.

“For well over a decade, he has been a Superior Court Judge in Bergen County, a densely populated county with all the inherent need for someone like Judge Martinotti who has repeatedly shown the intellect, judicial temperament, and observance of precedent – which I know is very important to many my colleagues – that it takes to make a fair judgment based on the law.

“Beyond his glowing record in the Family Division and now the Civil Division, where he is handling a diverse caseload – from complex, mass tort litigation to environmental lawsuits, housing issues, and countless other areas – the fact is he is exceptionally well regarded by those who have appeared before him, on both sides of the table – the defense and prosecution tables – and that says more about the man than any list of cases he’s heard.

“He has a wealth of knowledge from the private practice, and that helps him as he deals with practitioners that will appear before him, or the wealth of experience that he had with mediation that he had before being on the Superior Court, New Jersey State Board of Mediation, American Arbitration Association, National Arbitration & Mediation, and as a Court Approved Mediator.

“His experience is impeccable going back to his time as a Judicial Law Secretary for the Hon. Roger M. Kahn, and when he was a student at Fordham University and Seton Hall School of Law in Newark.

“He has been a leader in New Jersey, the very definition of ‘a pillar of the community,’ serving as a member of the Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute, Palisades Medical Center, the March of Dimes, Bergen County Community College Foundation, the Italian American Police Society of New Jersey – not to mention the honors and awards he has received from countless community organizations.

“Given his experience, his temperament, his proven abilities, and personally knowing the kind of man he is – it is no wonder his name is before the United States Senate today.

“M. President, as I’ve traveled the globe as a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee I can tell you that when we talk about American Exceptionalism, one of the elements of American Exceptionalism is rule of law, and as part of that rule of law, it is the judicial functions that take place where any citizen can expect to walk into a courtroom in the nation and find themselves before a judge who is enormously well qualified, and that can have a fair day as it relates to the issues that they are  litigating before that court; that is an essential part of American Exceptionalism.  And Judge Martinotti, upon confirmation, will only enhance that American Exceptionalism far beyond even where it is today.  

“I urge my colleagues to join us and unanimously confirm this eminently qualified nominee to the U.S. District Court of New Jersey.

“Thank you, M. President, and with that, I yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum.”