Menendez Reacts To A.G. Nomination

Menendez Reacts To A.G. Nomination

Washington - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez today reacted to the president's announcement of a nominee to fill the position of U.S. Attorney General:

"The Department of Justice has largely lost the trust of the public in recent years, and the President's nomination of Michael Mukasey could be a critical turning point. We need to know in what diirection it will turn.

"Mired in partisan politics for the past few years, the Department has been a place where independent seekers of justice were fired and replaced with loyal political footsoldiers. Job reqirements included a willingness to illegally wiretap U.S. citizens, a willingness to abuse warrant requirements to obtain our personal records, and above all, a willingness to put the White House first and the Constitiution and our country second. Right now, the Department needs a leader above the political fray, a leader that remembers his clients are the American people, and a leader that can reverse this disasterous path the Department has been marching down for way too long."

"I hope that Mr. Mukasey is that leader. I hope he puts the Depatrment back on track. Most importantly for now, I hope that he participates fully in the Senate confirmation process, so that we can do our constitutionally mandated job of providing advice and consent, and so that we can ensure that this nominee will lead the Department in an honest and just way. I look forward to learning more about this nominee."