Menendez on Boehner’s Latest Immigration Comments

Menendez on Boehner’s Latest Immigration Comments

WASHINGTON DC - US Senator Robert Menendez issued the following comments on Speaker John Boehner's recent comments on the prospects of immigration reform.

"Another week, another immigration reform obituary coming from House Republicans. This time, Speaker Boehner tries to blame his own inaction on President Obama. Meanwhile, the votes exist in the House to pass immigration reform and his failure to allow a vote has thwarted the will of the majority. No one said this would be an easy process, but it is irresponsible for Speaker Boehner and House Republicans to place blame on anyone other than themselves.

"These types of political games do not reflect the true intentions of the majority of the U.S. Congress or of the American people. I look forward to solid legislative action from the House Republicans to fix our nation's broken immigration system once and for all."


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