Menendez Continues Call For Medicare Enrollment Extension

Menendez Continues Call For Medicare Enrollment Extension

Joins bipartisan group calling for immediate legislation

Washington - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today continued his call for extending the Medicare Prescription Drug enrollment deadline, by joining a bipartisan group of 48 senators calling for Senate leaders to bring legislation to the Senate floor for immediate consideration that would extend the deadline without penalty. Earlier this month Menendez, joined by Senator Frank R. Lautenberg and Representative Frank Pallone, called on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to extend the Medicare enrollment deadline until the years end.

"Our seniors should not be punished for the shortfalls of this new drug benefit," said Menendez. "And today we have the opportunity to give our seniors the much-needed extension of time and flexibility they need to choose a plan."

The Medicare Prescription Drug program has been plagued with problems since its enactment, with seniors complaining that they face a bewildering array of choices. In New Jersey, there are 19 providers offering 45 different prescription drug plans, with premiums that range from $4.43 to $66.53.

We all share the goal of ensuring that Medicare beneficiaries have sufficient time and assistance to make a wise decision regarding prescription drug coverage, the lawmakers wrote to Senator Bill Frist. Extending the deadline for the new program is a small but important step that will help ease the transition to this new program. We urge you, as the Senate Majority Leader, to bring legislation extending the Medicare prescription deadline to the Senate floor as soon as possible.

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