Menendez, Clinton Lead Push To End Cozy Relationship Between Airlines, FAA

Menendez, Clinton Lead Push To End Cozy Relationship Between Airlines, FAA

Amendment to FAA bill would combat cronyism with stricter ban on contact between FAA and former employees who recently left for airline industry

Washington - U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) are leading the push to end the cronyism between the Federal Aviation Administration and airlines that has raised serious safety concerns and caused cancelled flights due to ignored aircraft inspections. They will offer an amendment to strengthen the FAA Reauthorization bill's "revolving door" provision. The amendment would prevent FAA inspectors or managers who supervise inspectors from working for airlines that they inspect for two years after leaving the agency. Conversely, it would prevent airline employees from moving to the FAA to inspect or supervise inspections on that airline for two years.

"You know you have a safety crisis when officials at the FAA let their friends at the airlines slide on inspections," said Senator Menendez. "We have to cut the cord of cronyism between the airlines and the agency charged with ensuring passenger safety."

"When senior FAA inspectors leave their positions to join the same airlines they used to regulate it sends the wrong message, and raises serious questions about transparency and safety within the industry," said Senator Clinton. "We've seen the mess it caused in the form of thousands of delays and cancelations that were caused by massive lapses in required inspections. The revolving door that exists between the aviation industry and the FAA compromises the safety of air travel for all Americans, and it needs to be slammed shut."