Menendez Celebrates Earth Day

Menendez Celebrates Earth Day

NJ Senator is member of Energy Committee and Chairman of Foreign Relations subcommittee overseeing international environmental agreements

Washington - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Chairman of the Foreign Relations subcommittee in charge of international environmental agreements, today is celebrating Earth Day. Menendez has an extensive record of initiating and supporting green policy, including:

• Creation of the Energy Efficiency Block Grant Program in 2007, which assists cities, towns and counties with energy efficiency projects and programs related to buildings, transportation and other sectors. This program recently delivered $3.2 billion to local governments nationwide through the economic recovery package.

• Authoring provisions in the economic recovery package to boost use of solar power and manufacturing of LED lighting. The provisions create a nationwide program that supports local governments wishing to help homeowners install solar panels and incentivize the production of the next generation of energy efficient lighting.

• Leading Senate efforts to prevent coastline drilling along the Jersey Shore, arguing that it would provide no real relief for energy prices while exposing the coast to the risk of oil spills.

Menendez released the following statement today:

"Earth is our one and only home, and we need to do everything we can to heal it. Our planetary emergency continues to be a growing challenge to our safety, our quality of life and our children, and we must affirmatively address it. In fact, during this economic crisis, we have a perfect opportunity to tackle economic and environmental issues together by developing a green economy.

"Innovations like renewable energy, energy efficiency and emissions reduction can create new jobs, spur domestic manufacturing and sprout new economic sectors, while saving money for families. That leads to greater economic security. On this Earth Day, it is encouraging that this Congress and President Obama are bringing change to our environmental and energy policies. Rather than denying or ignoring the existence of climate change, we are on a path that can ultimately result in a significant reduction of emissions, breaking the shackles of foreign oil and a boost in renewable energy.