Menendez Blasts Senate GOP for Blocking DREAMer Protections

Menendez Blasts Senate GOP for Blocking DREAMer Protections


WASHINGTON, D.C. – US Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) issued the following statement after Republicans successfully blocked every bipartisan attempt before the Senate to protect Dreamers from deportation.

“I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated that common sense did not prevail over nativism in the U.S. Senate today. It is infuriating to see the lives of immigrant youth be used as a partisan issue in 2018.

“Democrats overwhelmingly supported every bipartisan solution to protect young immigrants that was put up for a vote, but in the end, we could not convince enough Republicans to vote their conscience, do what they know is in the interest of our nation, and end this self-inflicted DREAMers crisis. Put simply, this week has laid bare the fundamental problem of the Republican Party in 2018: They don’t have the backbone to stand up to President Trump.

“As was the case over a decade ago when the DREAM Act was first introduced, protecting Dreamers is the ultimate test of American values for a nation of immigrants. Today, we’ve failed that test yet again by shutting the door of opportunity in the face of our nation’s future leaders. Today will go down in history as a painful new low, a day that the Republican Party has made it clear their only priority for Dreamers is to deport them.

“Make no mistake, today’s immigration failure lays squarely at the feet of the ethno-nationalist wing of the Republican Party. Subjugating immigrant youth to this public shaming is evil, destroying every attempt at compromise is irresponsible, and expending every ounce of political capital to decimate immigrant families and communities is un-American.  We can and must do better.”

Earlier today, Senator Menendez delivered a floor speech announcing his full support for the bipartisan Rounds-King proposal despite having major reservations with some of its provisions. That proposal failed to garner the necessary 60 votes. Similarly, virtually every single Senate Democrat voted in support of another immigration bill presented by Senators John McCain and Christopher Coons that was also killed by Republican opposition.