Menendez Announces More Than $10 Million In Recovery Package Funds For Patco Line Improvements

Menendez Announces More Than $10 Million In Recovery Package Funds For Patco Line Improvements

Federal funding will provide safety to PATCO High Speed Rail Line passengers with power pole replacement, City Hall station lighting

Camden - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez today announced that the Federal Transit Administration has provided a total of $10,518,495 for the replacement of power poles along the PATCO High Speed Line, and renovations to the 40 year-old PATCO Camden City Hall Station lighting system. These grants, funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, will bring much needed upgrades that will ensure the safety of PATCO ridership.

"This federal funding will provide a safer and more efficient ride for passengers by replacing deteriorated PATCO power lines and enhancing its signal system" said Senator Menendez. "Upgrades to the City Hall Station lighting will also insure safety to the thousands of families that use this rail system to enjoy the Camden Waterfront and Campbell's Field baseball games, as well as to commuting workers and college students that depend on it every day. This funding will also provide jobs and work that will inject money into the Camden economy, providing some economic security in these troubled economic times."

These ARRA funds, awarded to the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) will be used to replace aging wooden poles and cables, most of the dating back to the original construction of the PATCO Line in 1969. The PATCO pole line transmits traction power and signal power along the PATCO High Speed Line to power substations throughout the system from a single power source. Poles and cables, which exhibit varying degrees of deterioration, will be replaced with a combination of new more durable fiberglass poles and an underground duct-bank and manhole system. Aging fiber-optic and other communication and signaling cables will be replaced as required, to provide more efficient collision avoidance for the safe movement of transit cars. The total cost of the post replacement project is $36,000,000. The remaining funding will be provided by DRPA.