Menendez After First Senate Health Insurance Reform Vote: Debate Will Be Revealing

Menendez After First Senate Health Insurance Reform Vote: Debate Will Be Revealing

60-39 vote allows legislation to proceed to debate

Video of Menendez's speech prior to vote:

Washington - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), a member of the Finance Committee, tonight voted in favor of proceeding to debate on the health insurance reform bill and released the following statement after the measure passed with the necessary 60 votes:

"Each step we take toward health insurance reform brings families closer to the type of health insurance security and relief from ballooning costs that will prolong lives, protect paychecks and cut the budget deficit. Tonight was a major one of those steps, though there are a number that still lie ahead. With dozens of my colleagues not even willing to work on this bill constructively through our democratic process, this vote laid bare who is for change and who is for more of the same at any cost. The American people can look at this vote and the forthcoming debate and tell clearly who stands on the side of American families counting on their insurance to be there when they need it the most and who wants to protect the insurance companies no matter what. Some of my colleagues will seek to address their concerns about this bill with constructive ideas, but others who have no new ideas and merely want to defend the status quo will instead try to wreak havoc with the tired, old fabrication and fear tactics used for generations to protect special interests. In the end, the American people will understand who takes their struggles with insurance companies seriously and who is only serious about protecting insurance company profits. I believe the voices of families who just want for a fighting chance against insurance company bureaucrats will prevail and we will finally have health insurance reform."

Video of Menendez speech prior to tonight's vote: