Earthquake In Haiti - How To Get Information And How To Help

Earthquake In Haiti - How To Get Information And How To Help

  • Senator Menendez's Newark office is happy to assist or answer questions at 973-645-3030.


U.S. Citizen Inquiries

The U.S. Embassy in Port Au Prince has set up a task force at the Embassy which is taking calls as conditions permit. The Embassy is working to identify U.S. citizens in Haiti who need urgent assistance and to identify sources of emergency help. U.S. citizens are urged to contact the Embassy via email to request assistance. U.S. citizens in Haiti can call the Embassy's Consular Task Force at 509-2229-8942, 509-2229-8089, 509-2229-8322, or 509-2229-8672. The State Department has also created a task force to monitor the emergency. People in the U.S. or Canada with information or inquiries about U.S. citizens in Haiti may reach the Haiti Task Force at 888-407-4747; Outside of the U.S. and Canada, call 202-501-4444. For further information and updates, please see the State Department's Consular Affairs website.

Note: We understand that the 888 call center number is being inundated with calls and it has been difficult to get through and the State Department is actively working to address this problem.

Haitian Citizens in the U.S.

Haitian citizens in the U.S. should call the Haitian Embassy in Washington, D.C., 202-332-4090, or the Haitian Consulate in New York City, 305-859-2003.