Climate Change Bill Blocked By Republican "No" Machine; Menendez Says Environmental, Economic Opportunity Missed

Climate Change Bill Blocked By Republican "No" Machine; Menendez Says Environmental, Economic Opportunity Missed

Menendez says bill would have been a first step toward the type of action needed to address climate crisis

Washington - This morning, legislation to address climate change was blocked from proceeding to a final vote in the U.S. Senate. The bill actually garnered a 48-36 vote in favor of proceeding, but Republicans had used a procedural tactic to require 60 votes. The bill would have helped reduce carbon emissions and invested in green technology.

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee in charge of international environmental agreements and has championed legislation on energy efficiency and international efforts to address climate change. Today, he expressed his disappointment at the obstruction of this climate change legislation and hopes for even stronger legislation in the future:

"The Republican 'No' Machine has reared its head again, this time resisting an important first step toward saving our planet in peril. By saying 'No,' they have prevented our nation from reducing the emissions that have caused the climate crisis and from investing in green technologies that can create jobs and spur the economy.

"This bill certainly was not perfect, and there are a number of senators who are hoping for future legislation that goes further in reducing emissions, supporting renewable energy and helping developing nations deal with climate change. But every major movement starts with a first step, and that's what this bill represented.

"The only silver lining was that a strong majority of the Senate is now on record as supportive of significant and immediate action on global warming - 48 senators who voted in favor and six others who were absent, but sent letters signaling their support. The number of holdouts who are stuck in the past or who deny climate change altogether is dwindling. The need to act on global warming is immediate, and the sooner these obstructionists commit to saving our planet, the sooner we can help the environment and build a productive, green economy."

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