Watch Out For New Round of Sandy Scammers, Senator Warns

Watch Out For New Round of Sandy Scammers, Senator Warns

By:  Karen Wall

Sandy victims who are considering seeking a review of their FEMA flood insurance settlements are being urged to exercise caution by U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, in the wake of advertisements offering help for a fee that contain unauthorized quotes from the senator.

“The last thing Sandy victims need, after they waited so long to get this second chance to have their claims reopened by FEMA, is to have to pay money they don’t have just to get the insurance proceeds they deserve,” Menendez said in a news release.

“I fought tooth and nail to get FEMA to reopen the claims process to get justice for Sandy survivors, not to pad the profits of unscrupulous individuals just looking to make a quick buck. FEMA has assured me that the process is simple, easy to navigate and designed to be completed by the homeowner without the need for outside assistance,”

Several disaster recovery groups and Sandy victims reached out Menendez’s office after they received soliticiations offering legal assistance in getting the claims looked at again for a fee.

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