Obama accepts Malaysia slavery in order to seal TPP deal

Obama accepts Malaysia slavery in order to seal TPP deal

By:  Brett Wilkins
Digital Journal

The Obama administration is set to remove Malaysia from its list of the world's worst human trafficking offenders despite the existence of pervasive forced labor and sex slavery in the Southeast Asian nation...

If true, this manipulation of Malaysia’s ranking in the State Department’s 2015 Trafficking in Persons report would be a perversion of the trafficking list and undermine both the integrity of this important report as well as the very difficult task of confronting states about human trafficking," Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who has authored legislation effectively banning the US from entering into trade deals with 'Tier 3' violators, said in a statement. "The deplorable human trafficking crisis in Malaysia merits a global cry for action and justice, not an attempt to sweep it under the rug for political expediency."

But the Obama administration and Republican leaders in Congress have been trying to dilute Menendez's proposed limits, arguing that the US is unable to press for improved labor conditions in Malaysia until after the country is included in the TPP. Human rights advocates are livid...

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