No oil drilling off Atlantic Coast, government says

No oil drilling off Atlantic Coast, government says

By:  Jonathan D. Salant
NJ Advance Media

The U.S. Interior Department said Tuesday it would drop plans to allow offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.

The area was put off limits in the 2017-2022 oil and gas leasing program, which originally had proposed allowing drilling off the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.The department initially proposed selling leases to drill for oil and gas at 14 new sites; besides the Atlantic Coast, the others would be in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska...

...Pallone and U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) helped lead efforts to block the Obama administration's proposal to open part of the Atlantic Coast to oil drilling.

"I'm pleased the administration heard our voices and put the values of New Jerseyans ahead of the financial interests of the oil industry," Menendez said. "Standing together, we proved we can beat Big Oil and protect our Jersey Shore for generations to come."

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